Helpful Tips

Get the Best Out of Our Vehicle Cleaning Services

Before You Arrive

  1. Remove child seats. We cannot remove these for you.
  2. We do our best to clean around objects, but for best results, please remove all objects on seats.

Things To Consider

Vacuuming will not remove stains.

Stains or spills
Please ask for carpet or mat cleaning. The sooner these areas are cleaned the more successful the removal of stains and debris.

We will wipe with a damp cloth. No chemicals are used in this area. Many chemicals can attract dust and debris.

Air is blown over car to assist in removing water and water residue from your vehicle. Please look over vehicle to point out any areas that you see where water may have dripped and we haven't seen it.

Matt cleaning
Useful for dirt scuffs, stains, and other hard to get at issues. If you decide not to select this service, we will only vacuum the debris on your mats.

Pet hair
Sometimes vacuuming is just not enough. It requires time and persistence, a stiff brush, lint rollers and sometimes even tape. This is an interior detail service.

Gas caps
We do not wash in this area.

Wheel wells
These areas are not washed.

Moon roof
Only the exterior is washed/cleaned.

Satisfaction Is Our Goal

All car washes and details have a 48 hour review policy. Simply return your vehicle to our Car Wash and allow our supervisor to understand your specific situation.

Please point out how we may not have met your expectations on your specific service. Provided we have not provided the service that you've purchased, we would like to remedy the situation at no charge to you as long as it is not more than 48 hours after your service.


Pleasanton Hand Car Wash
4005 Pimlico Dr.
Pleasanton, CA 94588

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