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Detailing is like a spa treatment for vehicles—it lifts the spirits of both drivers and riders.

Detailing a vehicle provides a special feeling to the driver and riders. The vehicle looks sharp and so do its occupants. Detailing is like a spa treatment for vehicles—it lifts the spirits of both drivers and riders, whether male or female. When you're in a freshly-detailed vehicle, you hold your head higher because you know you look good!

Here at Pleasanton Hand Car Wash we understand that feeling and strive to provide it to you through our detailing services. We've been detailing vehicles in the Bay Area since our opening in 1999. We think we've got a pretty good process for making your car, truck, boat, RV or trailer make you look good and our customers agree—they come from all over the Bay Area. Even our least expensive auto wash package includes premium-quality detailing features such as vacuuming the interior (including the trunk on request), wiping the dash and console, dressing the tires, brightening the wheels, and hand-cleaning the rims.

Car Detailing Team

Car Detailing Team

Microfiber Towels

Microfiber Towels

Careful Car Detailing

Careful Car Detailing

When we're detailing a vehicle, we use high-quality, environmentally-friendly Blue Coral brand cleaners by Zep Inc. and combine those with wool hand mitts for washing and high-density microfiber towels for drying. Microfiber towels have a tighter weave than cotton towels and consequently, are more absorbent and gentler on vehicle surfaces. We use color-coded towels and wash them after each use so wax is not transferred from the vehicle body to its windows or to another vehicle.

In the drying area, our trained detailers place mats just outside the driver door and use them to dry their shoes before stepping into the vehicle and detailing the interior. In our detailing business, we use compressed air hoses to dry those hard to reach places both outside your vehicle, such as the radiator grille and behind the headlights; and inside your vehicle, such as the dash and cup-holders. Our employees use step ladders so your vehicle, no matter its size, can be detailed from top to bottom.

We strive to provide the best detailing in the Bay Area and after you've seen the results of our detailing process, we're confident you'll agree we're doing a great job in reaching that goal.

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