Environmentally Considerate Auto Wash & Car Cleaning

Being environmentally friendly is important, especially in the car wash and car detailing business. That’s why Pleasanton Hand Car Wash in Alameda county is doing all it can to reduce its water use and use green cleaning products.

Sonny's The CarWash Factory is a leading supplier of green cleaning products to the car cleaning industry. We use Sonny's Fusion Guard by DiamondShine products throughout our car cleaning operations. The Fusion process delivers a visibly noticeable hand wax quality shine and paint protection in an online application.



Water Spray Jets

Water Spray Jets



We reduce water waste by reclaiming and filtering water in our hand wash tunnel. The reclaimed water is filtered before it’s used again in the tunnel during the wash phase. All cars are rinsed four times using fresh water. To further reduce water and chemical use, our hand wash tunnel is equipped with sensors and computer controls to automatically start and stop sprays and drying jets when a car nears or completes each station.

To borrow from the story of the Three Bears, we don’t use too much or too little; we use just the right amount of liquids in our car wash and car detailing business.

  • Reduced water use
  • Green cleaning products
  • Reclaimed and filtered water
  • Controlled water sprays
  • Controlled drying jets
  • Reduced environmental impact



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