Dublin, Parts of San Ramon to See Tougher Restrictions to Counter Drought

Seeing little improvement from voluntary conservation measures, Dublin and parts of San Ramon have joined the list of East Bay communities whose residents will pay more for water if they don't cut back.

Enacting a series of emergency drought actions, the Dublin San Ramon Services District board on Monday voted unanimously to raise water rates and issue mandatory restrictions on usage -- moves designed to reduce overall consumption by 35 percent.

The measures come in response to a dramatic cut in allocation from the State Water Project, which provides 80 percent of the Tri-Valley's water through the Zone 7 Water Agency.

"We're trying to reduce the demand for water so we can live with the limited supply we have," said district Operations Manager Dan Gallagher. "We've got to cut or we'll run out of water some night."

To reach a goal of cutting outdoor water use in half, the board also voted to restrict irrigation to one day a week in May, increasing to two days a week through the summer months. According to the district, once-a-week irrigation will save the average person about 60 percent on water use.

Other limitations include restricting yard watering to between 6 p.m. and 9 a.m. and requiring hoses equipped with shut-off nozzles. Drip irrigation or watering with a bucket or can is allowed at any time. Residents must cover pools when not in use and are prohibited from washing vehicles anywhere besides commercial car washes.

First-time violators will be issued verbal or written warnings, with fines starting at $250 for a second offense and increasing up to $1,000 with subsequent violations. A fifth violation could result in installation of a flow restrictor or loss of water service.


Read the full article: Contra Costa Times


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