City of Livermore Enacts Water Use Restrictions

In response to continuing drought conditions, on May 12 the Livermore City Council enacted a new water conservation ordinance which applies to every resident, including Cal Water customers.

The ordinance includes the following water use restrictions:

  • Lawn watering and landscape irrigation is limited to two days per week on an odd-even schedule; properties with odd street address numbers can water two days each week on either Monday, Wednesday, or Friday; properties with even street address numbers can water two days each week on either Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday.
  • Lawn watering and landscape irrigation must be done between 6 p.m. and 9 a.m. the following day and must not result in run-off to paved areas.
  • Vehicles may be washed at home no more than once per month, and only with a bucket and hose equipped with a shut-off nozzle. Vehicles may be washed without restriction at commercial car washes.
  • Swimming pools must not leak, be over-filled, or be left uncovered when not in use.
  • Fire hydrants may be used only for fire-fighting or other public safety activities.
  • Drinking water may not be used for compacting or dust control if there is an approved non-potable or recycled water use available.
  • Hosing of paved areas is not allowed.
  • Restaurants may serve water upon request only, and must use low-flow rinse nozzles.

Please visit for a complete list of water use restrictions.

If you haven’t already, please take advantage of our free hose shut-off nozzles, free water-efficient sprinkler nozzles, and irrigation timer rebates, all of which will assist you in complying with water use restrictions. For information on these and other water-saving programs available to Cal Water’s Livermore customers, please visit


Source: California Water Service Company


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